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We are pleased to introduce the inaugural 2021 ACP Physicians’ Financial Preparedness Report now available to our ACP members.

Key findings and expert insights in the report:

See how much internists in your career stage have saved for retirement and whether they consider themselves to be ahead, on track, or behind at this point in their career.

Compare against by early-, mid-, and advanced-career physician stages—including mean household income, retirement portfolio values, emergency fund totals, and more.

Read insights and perspective from two independent Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) with 30+ years of experience advising individual clients on their retirement journey.

Browse nuggets from hundreds of pieces of candid personal financial advice shared by other physicians.

ACP has recognized the importance of helping our members build personal financial intelligence, mitigate risks and prepare for a secure retirement after a career in medicine. The insights will be used to expand resources and education for our members from residency through retirement.

We look forward to your feedback.


Dr. Robert Gluckman, MD, MACP
Chair, American College of Physicians Member Insurance Committee

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