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Member Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Help Provide for Your Family's Future Financial Security.

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Member Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Underwritten by New York Life Insurance

You probably have life insurance. But is it what your family needs? As an ACP member, you're eligible to apply for valuable coverage - designed for Physicians just like you!

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Term coverage is the purest kind of life insurance, with no costly savings features.

Term Life Insurance is a type of term coverage in which the death benefit amount decreases as you age. This is typically because there is less need for higher coverage because, for example, children become more self-sufficient and/or your mortgage may be paid off.  Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) is designed to provide additional coverage if you're seriously injured or killed due to an accident. This policy combines these two valuable types of insurance coverage in one policy. However, you also have the choice to only purchase Term Life coverage.

NEW! QuickDecisionSM Member Term Life Online Tool

ACP Member Insurance Program and New York Life Insurance Company are pleased to announce QuickDecisionSM — a secure, fast and easy way to apply online for Group Term Life coverage.

With this new tool, if under age 50 you can apply* for amounts up to $500,000 in ACP Member Term Life Insurance:

  • No medical exam or lab work required—just answer some health questions and other information.
  • Find out as soon as TODAY if you are approved for Term Life Insurance coverage up to $500,000!
  • Everything is handled conveniently and securely online.

Need more? You can still save time and apply online for amounts up to $1,000,000 and we'll follow up quickly about required information.

*IMPORANT NOTE: If you are not approved for coverage under the QuickDecisionSM tool you can still request coverage through the online process, which may require medical exams and other information. QuickDecisionSM is not available to residents of MT, UT and Puerto Rico. These residents can still apply online, and will be contacted for required information.

Certificate Of Insurance

This information is only a brief description of the principal provisions and features of the Policy. The complete terms and conditions are set forth in the group policy issued by New York Life Insurance Company to Trustees of American College of Physicians, Inc. Insurance Trust. When you become insured, you will be sent a Certificate of Insurance summarizing your benefits under the Policy.


All ACP Members (including Associates, Medical Students, Physician Affiliates, Non-Physician Affiliates, Fellows and Masters) under age 60, may request coverage for themselves, their lawful spouse under age 60 and all unmarried dependent children ages 14 days through 25 years. In order to become insured, individuals must provide satisfactory evidence of insurability and pay the required premium.

A dependent who is also a member is only eligible for member coverage. If both the member and spouse are covered as members, only one may insure any eligible children.

This coverage is available only for residents of the United States (except territories) and Puerto Rico.


Non-Dependent Family Members: Any eligible nondependent family members may also apply for coverage as long as they join ACP as an Associate Member. For membership information, please call ACP directly at 1-800-523-1546.

Amounts Of Life Insurance:

ACP protection is also available when you enroll your lawful spouse under age 60 and your dependent children, ages 14-25.

Members: $10,000 up to $1,000,000 in $10,000 multiples. 
Spouse: $10,000 up to $500,000 in $10,000 multiples, not to exceed 50% of member’s coverage.
Child(ren): $5,000, for Children older than 6 months; $500 for children 15 days and older. (No coverage for children under 15 days)

Select the AD&D Insurance option if you want to double your life benefit amount. This provides an added safety net should you be seriously injured or killed in a covered accident. (See below for more details.)

The total amount of coverage an individual may have under all group life insurance policies underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company may not exceed $2,000,000. In addition, the total amount of coverage an individual may have under all policies issued by New York Life Insurance Company to the Trustees of the American College of Physicians, Inc. Insurance Trust may not exceed the maximum benefit option for any insured person.


Double Your Coverage with the AD&D Option

If requesting the Member Term Life Insurance, you can also request an equal amount of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) for yourself. This option allows you to double your selected life benefit amount. Then if your death is due to a covered accidental injury, the insurance will pay your life benefit amount plus your AD&D benefit, which doubles your life benefit amount. It can also pay a percentage of your amount if you are seriously injured and suffer significant losses described below.

Covered Loss Percentage of Principal
Loss of life 100%
Loss of two limbs 100%
Loss of sight of both eyes 100%
Loss of one limb and sight of one eye 100%
Loss of one limb 50%
Loss of sight of one eye 50%


The injury must be directly and independently caused by an accident while coverage is in force, and must result in a Covered Loss within 365 days.
Only one principal sum (the largest applicable) is payable for a loss to the same limb due to or related to any one accident. Loss of sight means total and permanent loss thereof. Loss of limb means severance through or above the wrist or ankle joint.

Additional Seatbelt and Airbag Benefit

Under the AD&D option, your loved ones can collect an additional benefit amount up to $25,000 or 10% of your principal sum (whichever is less) if you suffer a covered loss of life as a result of injury sustained while riding in or operating an automobile and were found to be properly wearing a seatbelt.
An additional 5% will be paid if the automobile is equipped with an airbag. However, the total amount paid under the combined seatbelt and airbag benefit cannot exceed $25,000.

Valuable Living Benefit Provision “Accelerated Death Benefit”

The Accelerated Death Benefit option is available to help terminally ill insureds during a difficult and often financially challenging time. Under this provision, you may request one advance payment equal to 50% of your (or an insured dependent's) in force life insurance to be paid while the terminally ill person is still alive. The request must be made at least 12 months prior to the insured person's scheduled coverage termination age and the amount of insurance payable after the insured's death will be reduced by this payment. (Premium contributions will not be reduced.)

This money can be used to help cover high prescription drug costs, medical bills, outstanding debts, to help pay for experimental treatments, the cost of modifications to your home, or for a family vacation - the choice is yours. 

To qualify, a terminally ill insured must provide New York Life Insurance Company with proof of terminal illness and anticipated life expectancy (12 months or less), as well as any other necessary medical information requested. For additional details and limitations, please see the Certificate of Insurance. 

Please note that receipt of Accelerated Death Benefits may affect your eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. Prior to applying to receive such benefits, you should consult with the appropriate social services agency and seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor. 


Amounts of Insurance at Age 65 and After

The amount of insurance for you and your spouse is based on the covered person’s age at last birthday, and decreases on the premium due date coinciding with or immediately after he/she enters a new age category. After age 64 (age 50 for spouse), coverage decreases for each $10,000 option of insurance as shown below. Premium does not decrease.


Member's Age Each $10,000 Member Option Spouse's Age Each $10,000 Member Option
Under 65 $10,000 Under 50 $10,000
65-69 $6,600 50-59 $4,500


$4,300 60-59 $2,000
75-79 $2,900 70-74 $1,000
80-84 $1,950 75-79 $675
85-89 $1,350 80-84 $475
90-99* $900 85-89 $325
    90-99* $200


  *Coverage terminates at age 100. See Group Conversion Privilege.
The amount of children’s insurance does not decrease.
Benefit option amounts are not guaranteed and are subject to change by agreement between New York Life Insurance Company and the Trustees of the ACP Life Insurance Trust.


Current 2023 Semi-Annual Rates

The cost of the Member Term Life Insurance is based on the insured person's attained age on the date coverage is issued and increases as he/she grows older. Premium contributions will vary depending on the number of units chosen.

Your Cost: The cost of the Member Term Life Insurance is based on the insured person’s attained age on the date coverage is issued and increases as he/she grows older. Premium contributions will vary depending on the number of units chosen.


  Term Life Premium AD&D Premium
Member's Attained Age Unit of Insurance* With no Premium Credit With 20% Premium Credit** With no Premium Credit With 20% Premium Credit**
Under 30 $10,000 $3.00 $2.40 $3.00 $2.40
30-34 $10,000 $4.00 $3.20 $3.00 $2.40
35-39 $10,000 $5.00 $4.00 $3.00 $2.40
40-44 $10,000 $8.10 $6.48 $3.00 $2.40
45-49 $10,000 $13.30 $10.64 $3.00 $2.40
50-54 $10,000 $22.70 $18.16 $3.00 $2.40
55-59** $10,000 $44.60 $35.68 $3.00 $2.40


Rates per $10,000 Option - Spouse and Child(ren)****

  Term Life Premium
Spouse's Attained Age Unit of Insurance* With no Premium Credit With 20% Premium Credit**
Under 30 $10,000 $8.00 $6.40
30-39 $10,000 $10.00 $8.00
40-49 $10,000 $18.00 $14.40
50-59*** $10,000 $20.00 $16.00


*Each $10,000 option begins to decrease at age 65 for member (age 50 for spouse) as previously stated. Premiums remain the same.

**The current 20% premium credit is not guaranteed and subject to change, however the Member Term Life Insurance for ACP members has returned premium credits for several years.

***Contact the Administrator for renewal rates at ages 60-99. Coverage terminates at age 100 –see “Conversion Privilege”.

****If spouse/child coverage is requested, each eligible child will be covered for $5,000.

The premium contributions shown reflect the current rate and benefit structure. Premium contributions may be changed by New York Life Insurance Company on any premium due date and any date on which benefits are changed. However, your rates may change only if they are changed for all others in the same class of insurance under this group policy. For example, a class of insureds is a group of people all with the same issue age. Benefit amounts are not guaranteed and are subject to change by agreement between New York Life Insurance Company and the Trustees of the American College of Physicians, Inc. Insurance trust.

Waiver of Premium Benefit: If you become Totally Disabled for at least six consecutive months before age 60, your premiums for this policy will be waived until you are no longer disabled. 

Total Disability means an incapacity from an accidental injury or sickness which: completely and continuously prevents you from doing the material and substantial duties of any occupation for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience, or; results in total and permanent loss in sight of both eyes; or the severance above the wrist or ankle of: (1) both hands; (2) both feet; or (3) one hand and one foot. 
The amount continued will be based on the option under which you were insured at the time your disability began, subject to the age decrease previously described. You may be asked to provide proof of you Total Disability from time to time.


Conversion Privilege: The Policy provides conversion privileges under certain circumstances of involuntary termination, as described in the Certificate of Insurance.

You Name Your Beneficiary: You may select any person, persons, trust or other legal entity as your beneficiary. If, at the time of your death, there are no surviving beneficiaries, benefits will be paid to the executor or administrator of your estate, or at the option of New York Life, to the surviving relatives in the following order of survival: spouse; children equally; parents equally; or brothers and sisters equally.

Ownership of Insurance: “Owner” means the person or entity with rights of ownership of this insurance as described in the Certificate of Insurance. If a transfer of ownership has been recorded by or on behalf of New York Life, or if initial ownership is by other than the member according to the information provided on the application, references throughout this Policy Information to “you” or “member” will mean “owner,” as applicable.

Effective Date: Insurance will take effect on the date your application is approved by New York Life Insurance Company provided the initial contribution is paid within 31 days after the date you are billed (send no money now), and any person to be insured is actively performing the normal activities of a person in good health of like age [NC residents: a person of like age] on the date of approval.

Any person who is not performing his/her normal daily activities as required will not become insured until the day he/she is performing such activities provided such date is within three months of the date insurance would have been effective, and the person is still eligible.

When Coverage Ends: Coverage will end when the insured person reaches age 100 (26 for children) or earlier if: (a) premium contributions are not paid when due, (b) ACP membership ends, (c) the group policy is terminated or modified by the Policyholder to end insurance for the group of insureds to which the member belongs, and (d) the insured requests to terminate insurance. In addition, dependent coverage will terminate when the member's coverage terminates, or when the dependent eligibility requirements are no longer being met. Upon your death, coverage for your insured dependents may continue as described in the Certificate of Insurance.

In addition to the above, AD&D coverage ends when the insured member begins full-time active duty in the armed forces.

Renewal Payments And Claims: Once you are accepted into the Policy, you will have a 31-day grace period for your payment of renewal premium contributions. When you want to submit a claim, call or write the Administrator for claim forms.



For the Group Term Life Insurance coverage, the only exclusion is suicide. Benefits are paid for death from any other cause, at any time, anywhere in the world except suicide, within 12 months from the issue date, whether sane or insane.

The validity of any amount of your life insurance which has been in force for two years during an insured's lifetime will not be contested except for insurance eligibility provisions and nonpayment of premium contributions. 

Exclusions and Limitations – AD&D

No benefit will be payable for any loss that occurs during or is due or related to: military service; your incarceration for or your participation in (except as a victim) an illegal occupation/activity or the commission of a crime; your voluntary intake of drugs, narcotics or alcohol (unless taken as prescribed by a physician); any declared or undeclared war or act thereof; or operating, riding in or descending from any aircraft except when riding as a passenger on a licensed, non- military aircraft; a physical or mental sickness or medical/surgical treatment thereof; or suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane.


Sponsored by:


The ACP Insurance Trust incurs costs in connection with this sponsored Program. To provide and maintain this valuable membership benefit, it is reimbursed for these costs.

Administered by:
A.G.I.A., Inc.
P.O. Box 9947
Phoenix, AZ 85068-9952

Better Business

A.G.I.A., Inc. is licensed/authorized to transact business in all 50 United States, and the District of Columbia. Their state of domicile is California. J. Christopher Burke CA Insurance License #0F709407. J. Christopher Burke AR Insurance License #8876308.

Underwritten by:
New York Life Insurance Company
51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Under Group Policy G-29102-0, on
Policy Form GMR/FACE/G-29102-0

New York Life is licensed/authorized to transact business in all 50 united states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada. However, not all group plans it underwrites are available in all jurisdictions. Please check the plan details for current availability.

New York Life Insurance Company's state of domicile is New York and their NAIC ID # is 55915.



Apply through our online portal today! 

  1. Visit the link below to view the online application. 
  2. Please complete all fields on the online form. 
  3. Conveniently submit your application online.


Questions? Call ACP Member Insurance Program Customer Service and Claims Phone number at 1-855-749-7908.

Apply Online Today

If you do not wish to apply online, you may also download the application below, and mail in your completed application using the instructions below. 

  1. Use the link below to download and print the form.
  2. Please complete all fields on the Application.
  3. Mail in your form to the ACP Member Insurance Program at PO Box 9947, Phoenix, AZ 85068

Download Printable Application



How New York Life Obtains Information and Underwrites Your Request For Member Term Life Insurance

In this notice, references to "you" and "your" include any person proposed for insurance. Information regarding insurability will be treated as confidential. In considering whether the person(s) in your request for insurance qualify for insurance , we will rely on the medical information you provide, and on the information you AUTHORIZE us to obtain from your physician, other medical practitioners and facilities, other insurance companies to which you have applied for insurance and MIB, LLC. ("MIB"). MIB is a not-for-profit organization of insurance companies, which operates an information exchange on behalf of its members. If you apply for life or health insurance coverage, a claim for benefits is submitted to an MIB member company, medical or non- medical information may be given to MIB, and such information may then be furnished by MIB, upon request, to a member company.

Your AUTHORIZATION may be used for a period of 24 months from the date you signed the application for insurance, unless sooner revoked. The AUTHORIZATION may be revoked at any time by notifying New York Life in writing at the address provided. Your revocation will not be effective to the extent New York Life or any other person already has disclosed or collected information or taken other action in reliance on it, or to the extent that New York Life has a legal right to contest a claim under an insurance certificate or the certificate itself. The information New York Life obtains through your AUTHORIZATION may become subject to further disclosure. For example, New York Life may be required to provide it to insurance, regulatory or other government agencies. In this case, the information may no longer be protected by the rules governing your AUTHORIZATION.

MIB and other insurance companies may also furnish New York Life, its subsidiaries or the Plan Administrator with non-medical information (such as driving records, past convictions, hazardous sport or aviation activity, use of alcohol or drugs, and other applications for insurance). The information provided may include information that may predate the time frame stated on the medical questions section, if any, on this application. This information may be used during the underwriting and claims processes, where permitted by law.

New York Life may release this information to the Plan Administrator, other insurance companies to which you may apply for life and health insurance, or to which a claim for benefits may be submitted and to others whom you authorize in writing, however, this will not be done in connection with test results concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). We may also make a brief report of your protected health information to MIB, but we will not disclose our underwriting decision.

New York Life will not disclose such information to anyone except those you authorize or where required or permitted by law. Information in our files may be seen by New York Life and Plan Administrator employees, but only on a "need to know" basis in considering your request. Upon receipt of all requested information, we will make a determination as to whether your request for insurance can be approved.

If we cannot provide the coverage you requested, we will tell you why. If you feel our information is inaccurate, you will be given a chance to correct or complete the information in our files. Upon written request to New York Life or MIB, you will be provided with non-medical information. Generally, medical information will be given either directly to the proposed insured or to a medical professional designated by the proposed insured. Your request is handled in accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act procedures. If you question the accuracy of the information provided by MIB, you may contact MIB and seek a correction. MIB's information office is: MIB, LLC., 50 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 400, Braintree, MA 02184-8734, telephone 866- 692-6901. For Canadian residents, the address is: MIB Information Office, 330 University Avenue, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1R7, telephone 416-597-0590. Information for consumers about MIB may be obtained on its website at www.mib.com.

For NM Residents: PROTECTED PERSONS1 have a right of access to certain CONFIDENTIAL ABUSE INFORMATION2 we maintain in our files and they may choose to receive such information directly. You have the right to register as a PROTECTED PERSON by sending a signed request to the Administrator at the address listed on the application. Please include your full name, date of birth and address.

1PROTECTED PERSON means a victim of domestic abuse: who has notified us that he/she is or has been a victim of domestic abuse; and who is an insured person or prospective insured person.

2CONFIDENTIAL ABUSE INFORMATION means information about: acts of domestic abuse or abuse status; the work or home address or telephone number of a victim of domestic abuse; or the status of an applicant or insured as family member, employer or associate of a victim of domestic abuse or a person with whom an applicant or insured is known to have a direct, close, personal, family or abuse-related relationship.

New York Life Insurance Company 8.12 ed.

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When you become insured, you will be sent a Certificate of Insurance, summarizing your coverage. This website is only a brief description of some of the policies principal provisions and features. The complete terms are set forth in the group policy issued by New York Life Insurance Company to the Trustees of the American College of Physicians, Inc. Insurance Trust.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the terms of your Certificate of Insurance, you may return it, without claim, within 30 days. Your coverage will be invalidated, and you will be sent a full refund, no questions asked!


Questions? Call ACP Member Insurance Program Customer Service Phone number at 1-855-749-7908.


Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10010 under Policy Number G-29102-0 on Policy Form GMR-FACE/G-29102-0. Before applying, be sure to read through all tabs of this website to learn more about this coverage, including benefits, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions.